Alexander, Chloe

Research : Permission to pollute: regulating environmental corporate crime in the Alberta tar sands
Supervisor : Bittle, Steven

Audet, Mélanie

Recherche : La mise en application des stragégies de réduction des méfaits en milieu correctionnel
Superviseur : Quirion, Bastien

Beitner, Marci

Research : CoSA Ottawa's Volunteers' Subjective Experiences With 'Sex Offenders': Taming the Monstrous
Supervisor : Joubert, David

Black, Oliver James

Research : Institution Earned Parole and Offender Accountability: An Analysis of Political Discourses Supporting Parole Reform in Canada
Supervisor : Quirion, Bastien

Cadieux, Michelle

Research : La place de la médiation sociale parmi les modes alternatifs de régulation du Québec. L'expérience-vécue de quelques médiateurs sociaux
Superviseure : Strimelle, Véronique

De Luca, Maciel Pier Angelli

Research : The pacification of favelas of Rio de Janeiro: a neoliberal twist to an old-fashioned intervention
Supervisor : Felices-Luna, Maritza

Di Pasquale, Mark Joseph

Research : A Review of 63 Evaluations of Strategies Purporting to Control Street Gangs
Supervisor : Melchers, Ronald-Frans

Kleuskens, Shanisse Evelin

Research : Legitimating the "Fiasco": Canadian State Justifications of CORCAN Prison Labour
Supervisor : Piché, Justin

Lynch, Michael

Research : Themes of Parole as Presented in 'Bill C-10' Contributing to the Conservative Government's 'Tough on Crime' Approach to the Criminal Justice System?
Supervisor : Strimelle, Véronique

Mitchell, Megan Elizabeth

Research : Risk Aversion in the Bail Setting: An Examination of the Predictive Validity of an Ontario Bail Supervision Program's Risk Assessment Tool
Supervisor : Webster, Cheryl

Ruthven, Brittany

Research : An Examination of the Prostitution Debate in Action: "Unpacking" the Discourses, Convergences, and Divergences in "Bedford"
Supervisor : Bruckert, Christine

Scheuneman Scott, Isabel

Research : "Deadly Women": Examining (Audio)Visual (Re)Presentations of Violent Women and Girls in Infotainment Media
Supervisor : Kilty, Jennifer

Weir, Charissa

Research : Investigative Documentary as Critique? Understanding the Role of Narrative in the CBC Fifth Estate Documentaries on the Ashley Smith Case
Supervisor : Kilty, Jennifer