Face à l'augmentation des crimes graves en Ontario, Professeur Irvin Waller souligne le besoin de prévention

Ottawa Sun file photo. 

Ottawa Sun file photo. 

Professeur Irvin Waller aborde les nouvelles statistiques démontrant une augmentation de 9% de l'indice de gravité de la criminalité en Ontario en 2016. Alors que le Canada témoigne une augmentation de 1%, l'indice est tout de même 29% inférieur à celui de 2006. 

Lire son entrevue avec Radio-Canada ici.

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Irvin Waller invited to Chile by Fundación Paz Ciudadana to contribute to a Long Term Strategy for Crime Prevention

Fundación Paz Ciudadana is a prestigious national think-tank working with the Inter-American Development Bank to model a process to develop a long term agenda in Latin America for public safety based on crime prevention evidence. Professor Irvin Waller (Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa) met with top officials in the National Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Public Safety and Ministry of Justice. He discussed his book on Smarter Crime Control in a key note speech at a high level public event hosted by the Minister of Public Safety and gave a keynote speech at the law school of the University of Chile.  

Professor Waller's recommendations included diagnosing the problems before investing in solutions with sustained funding – equivalent to 10% of the police, courts and corrections budgets.  He argues that "policing must support this shift, be a partner and become more preventive". Furthermore, that the funding must go primarily to invest in early childhood, parenting programs, youth services, school curriculum, and the health sector.  "Consistent with the UN Sustainable Development Goals" he continued "the results of actions must be evaluated to ensure reductions in the numbers of victims of violence and victims of violence against women". Read more about the Fundación Paz Ciudadana here.   

Irvin Waller joins experts from Mexico and the World Bank to advise the Province of Cordoba, Argentina on effective violence prevention

The Province of Cordoba, Argentina, is fighting issues of drug trafficking, urban violence, and feelings of insecurity by tackling the roots of the problems.  The Governor wants to engage sectors such as health, education, social services and police in using the knowledge from Irvin Waller´s (Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa) book on Smarter Crime Control.  Waller also met with the Canadian Ambassador about other ways to help Argentina with investments in effective social violence prevention. Read more here (text in Spanish)

Cordoba, Argentina.  Photo by: Nico Niospe @Flickr.com

Cordoba, Argentina.

Photo by: Nico Niospe @Flickr.com