Professor Holly Johnson comments on stability of Canadian sexual assault rate over past 10 years

Photo by Devon Buchanan (Flickr)

Photo by Devon Buchanan (Flickr)

Recent findings from the 2014 Statistics Canada General Social Survey on victimization suggest that although self-reported rates of sexual assault have remained stable over the past 10 years, police-reported sexual assault has declined by 20%. According to Professor Holly Johnson, this finding suggests that "[we] are now accumulating a pretty incredible body of evidence on the prevalence of sexual assault and how we’re failing to address it".  The report further states that the stability of the sexual assault rate stands in contrast to declining rates of other types of crime (e.g., robbery, physical assault). 

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The Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women

The Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action

Nouvel article par Richard Dubé et Margarida Garcia


Un nouvel article écrit par Richard Dubé et Margarida Garcia intitulé "Le judiciaire, la détermination de la peine et la polycontexturalité de l’opinion publique" vient de paraitre dans La Revue Canadienne Droit et Société. L'article re-conceptualise la manière dont les sciences sociales et juridiques représentent le rapport entre le système judiciaire et l'opinion publique, et propose que l'objectif soit plutôt de comprendre comment le judicaire pense que l'opinion publique pense le judiciaire.

Irvin Waller joins experts from Mexico and the World Bank to advise the Province of Cordoba, Argentina on effective violence prevention

The Province of Cordoba, Argentina, is fighting issues of drug trafficking, urban violence, and feelings of insecurity by tackling the roots of the problems.  The Governor wants to engage sectors such as health, education, social services and police in using the knowledge from Irvin Waller´s (Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa) book on Smarter Crime Control.  Waller also met with the Canadian Ambassador about other ways to help Argentina with investments in effective social violence prevention. Read more here (text in Spanish)

Cordoba, Argentina.  Photo by: Nico Niospe

Cordoba, Argentina.

Photo by: Nico Niospe