Journal of Prisoners on Prisons publishes its latest issue

The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons (JPP), which is housed in the Department of Criminology and is published by the University of Ottawa Press, has released its latest issue (click here).

Edited by Justin Piché (Associate Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa) and Kevin Walby (Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, University of Winnipeg), Volume 28(1) of the JPP includes a general section comprised of several articles on imprisonment in the United States. In a special section dedicated to “Continuing the Dialogue on the Canadian Carceral State”, the issue also features a paper co-authored by Souheil Benslimane (Lead Coordinator, Jail Accountability & Information Line) and David Moffette (Associate Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa) entitled “The Double Punishment of Criminal Inadmissibility for Immigrants”.

While only subscribers to the print version of the journal have advanced access to all the articles in the general section of the issue, those interested in reading the full issue prior to all content being available online in January 2020 are encouraged to get their hands on a copy by subscribing to the publication through the University of Ottawa Press.

JPP 28-1 cover.jpg