Katarina Bogosavljevic' MA thesis awarded the Commission on Graduate Studies in Humanities Prize


Katarina Bogosavljevic (PhD Student) received the Commission on Graduate Studies in Humanities Prize for her MA thesis defended last summer.

Her thesis, titled CFL has its patient zero”: A Critical Examination of HIV Nondisclosure in the Trevis Smith Case, provides a feminist critical discourse analysis of the juridical and mediated content on Trevis Smith who was a former Canadian Football League linebacker convicted of aggravated sexual assault for not disclosing to his sexual partners that he was living with HIV. The thesis shows that Smith was initially shown sympathy by way of his construction as a philanthropist, and sports hero. However, as the case progressed his masculinity was discursively linked to racialized tropes of hypersexuality, dangerousness, and criminality due to his failure to disclose that he was HIV positive. The thesis posits that these discursive connections are part of a broader historical narrative that subjugates and controls Black men while also working to symbolically and literally segregate the Canadian HIV-negative social body from the hypersexual Black ‘AIDS fiend’. Congratulations Kat!