De nouvelles subventions CRSH au département / New SSHRC grants in the department


Le CRSH vient d’annoncer les récipiendaires des Subventions Savoir et des Subventions d’engagement partenarial. Plusieurs collègues du département sont parmi eux!

SSHRC recently released the name of the successful applicant for its Insight Grants and its Partnership Engage Grants. Some of our colleagues are among them!

Richard Dubé (Professeur agrégé) et Margarida Garcia (Professeure agrégée) ont obtenu une Subvention Savoir pour leur projet L’influence des victimes, des notions de reconnaissance et de dignité dans l’élaboration des politiques pénales et la détermination de la peine.

Jennifer Kilty (Associate Professor), Michael Orsini (Full Professor in Political Studies), Justin Piché (Associate Professor) and Prashan Ranasinghe (Associate Professor) received an Insight Grant for their research project titled Feeling the Carceral, a carceral geographic analysis of the relationships between emotions, space, and carcerality.

Justin Piché (Associate Professor), Kevin Walby (Associate Professor, Criminal Justice, UWinnipeg) and Carolyn Côté-Lussier (Assistant Professor) got a Partnership Engage Grant for the project Making Meaning Out of Punishment: Exhibit Curation, Tour Guide Work and Visitor Engagement at the Ottawa Jail Hostel. The partnership will involve conducting archival and document research, and filming interviews with former local prisoners and jail staff from the Carleton County Gaol and the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre, to co-create a new tour script and exhibits to be shared with hostel guests.