Registration is open for the fall Walls to Bridges course - Othering and Criminal Justice

The course Othering and Criminal Justice – Walls to Bridges will be offered for the winter 2019 semester. Based on the ‘Walls-to-Bridges Program’ (W2B) model, this course offers the opportunity for a small group of students from the University of Ottawa (up to a maximum of 10) and students from a detention centre (up to a maximum of 10) to study together as peers in a seminar style course. The instructor will act as facilitator to guide discussion about the various topics and as a resources to share relevant information where appropriate. Classes will be held in a Detention Center, between September 3rd and December 3rd, 2019. 

The Fall 2019 course explores the subject of othering” and the divisive mentalities that pit groups in opposition to one another (us versus them). Students will learn through in class activities, readings, group discussions, journaling and other writing assignments, and individual and group assignments based on academic and non-academic (popular culture) literature and materials. There will be a special focus on the deconstruction of the other in relation to race, gender, class and poverty in the criminal justice system and the community. Students will be encouraged to examine local, national and international cases/topics and to discuss the othering process as it occurs in these cases. Students will be asked to consider how we (individually and collectively) actively engage in othering, how it works, as well as what we are trying to protect/defend by othering. Discussion of how we can resist othering will also be encouraged. It is only through open and honest discussion that we can start to unpack the othering process and how we mobilize our own privilege (consciously or not) to cast certain groups as different, dangerous or other.  Professor Jennifer Kilty will act as facilitator to guide discussion about the various topics and as resources to share relevant information where appropriate.  



This course is offered in English.  The course code will be SCS3210 or SCS4210 and ECH4210.  It could count for six (6) credits in your program of study.   

To participate in the course, students must meet the following admission requirements and go through the application process:

Admission Requirements:  

When applying, students :

-      Must be in good academic standing

-      Must be registered full time, in an Honours Bachelor offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences

-      Must have completed 54 university credits

-      You must submit your application to the courses by completing the online form by the prescribed date

-      Students must be committed to attending all classes at the detention center


Application process:

Step one: First selection phase is based on the student’s application form - Application form must be submitted by March 20th, 4 p.m. Please complete the online application form.

Step two: Second and final selection phase based on in-person or Skype interviews held between April 15th to 17thYou will be contacted by email if you are selected for the interview process. 

Step three: Final acceptance into the course pending security clearance by the Ottawa Police Service (CPIC Check) (the professor will let you know to go about it).