CPEP has busy week fighting for better jail phone system and resisting carceral expansion

BellLetsTalkOCDC_logo 1.jpg
NOPE Day 1B - Do we really want a bigger jail in Ottawa.jpg

This past week, members of the Criminalization and Punishment Education Project (CPEP) launched two initiatives.

Given that the inability to call cell phones and the expensive costs of collect calls were cited by Innes Road jail prisoners as an important issue in the first monthly report produced by Jail Accountability and Information Line, CPEP organized a #BellLetsTalkOCDC demonstration demanding that the telecommunications giant make the phone system at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre. The event generated media coverage in several outlets, including CBC News and the Ottawa Citizen. Social media posts, including a public service announcement and a poem, where also viewed thousands of times. The success of the day of action has prompted interest from across the country to initiate a national campaign, which is now in the process of being planned.

With the Ontario provincial budget consultation process set to end on 8 February 2019, on Friday CPEP launched the #NOPE / No Ottawa Prison Expansion infographics series. At a time when Ontario’s residents are set to face cuts to various government services that contribute to their well-being, the infographics series urges Premier Ford and his team to divest from building a new and bigger jail in Ottawa, and invest community care and services instead.

If you are a uOttawa student interested in contributing to CPEP’s efforts, email justin.piche@uottawa.ca.