CRM 50: The Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis - Child Rights Implications


The presentation "The Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis - Child Rights Implications" by Mary Birdsell will explore the child rights implications of new federal and provincial legislation regulating the possession, production, and sale of cannabis. Under these changes, young people under 18 years of age face ongoing prohibition and unequal criminal liability.  While there is cause for concern regarding the possible health risks and detrimental effects on teenage neurology, the current criminal justice sanctions violate young people’s rights, and utterly fail to protect their health and well-being. 

A Q&A will follow this presentation on the new legal landscape regarding cannabis for young people, and the problems therein, from a rights-based legal perspective.

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 11:30-1pm, FTX 147 (limited space)

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