Holly Johnson and Deborah E. Conners publish a new chapter

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Holly Johnson (Associate Professor) and Deborah E. Conners (former Mitacs postdoctoral researcher) published a chapter titled "Negotiating Women's Safety: The Mandatory Charging Debate" earlier this year in the book Intimate Partner Violence, Risk and Security: Securing Women's Lives in a Global WorldOf the book, the publisher states that: "This edited collection addresses intimate partner violence, risk and security as global issues. Although intimate partner violence, risk and security are intimately connected they are rarely considered in tandem in the context of global security. Yet, intimate partner violence causes widespread physical, sexual and/or psychological harm. It is the most common type of violence against women internationally and is estimated to affect 30 per cent of women worldwide. Intimate partner violence has received significant attention in recent years, animating political debate, policy and law reform as well as scholarly attention."