Holly Johnson and Irvin Waller are retiring from the Department

Our colleagues Holly Johnson and Irvin Waller were "retiring" earlier this month. But, of course, academics rarely fully retire and both will continue doing research.

A major focus of Holly’s work has been to study the effectiveness of societal and criminal justice responses to sexual and intimate partner violence against women. Her research has combined large-scale surveys with in-depth interviews to study women’s reluctance to report these crimes and their interactions with police. She has been influential in shaping both how violence against women is understood as well as measured. Holly plans to continue research and advocacy to ensure that women’s lived experiences remain at the centre of policy discussions to improve the justice system response to crimes of violence against women.

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Irvin has dedicated much of his career to the study and promotion of evidence-based strategies of crime prevention. He has worked on national commissions in the USA, Canada and South Africa for the Mandela government, and he has advised governments and attorneys general in more than 40 countries on how to prevent violence and respect victim rights. He developed the Safer Cities program with UN Habitat, advised on UN crime reduction guidelines and collaborates with the World Health Organization. His achievements in crime prevention, particularly as the founding CEO of the International Centre for Prevention of Crime affiliated with the UN, have been recognized by England, Canada, Belgium, France and The Netherland. He will continue his work in effecting policy change and remains affiliated with the Department as Professor Emeritus.