David Moffette and William Walters publish a new article in Studies in Social Justice

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David Moffette (Assistant Professor) and his colleagues William Walters published a new article titled "Flickering Presence: Theorizing Race and Racism in the Governmentality of Borders and Migration." The article published in Studies in Social Justice, argues that the critical potential of the governmentality of borders and migration scholarship is hampered by the rather limited ways it has managed to make sense of race and racism. This article makes two contributions: First, it surveys studies in the governmentality of migration and develops a typology of what the authors call "framings of race" – the ways that race appears, is mobilized, or haunts this scholarship. Second, they look to recent debates about race and racism in Science & Technology Studies for useful theoretical innovations that might help scholars study border-making and race-making as mutually constitutive processes.