Professor Bruckert co-edits new collection on sex work after the 2013 Bedford Supreme Court of Canada ruling

Professor Chris Bruckert (Full Professor), along with Elya Durisin and Emily van der Meulen (Ryerson University), have co-edited "Red Light Labour: Sex Work, Regulation, Agency, and Resistance" (UBC Press, 2018). The book, which will be available this September, explores "Canada’s new legal regime regulating sex work with an advanced analysis of past and present policy approaches, and considers the ways in which laws and those who uphold them have constructed, controlled, and criminalized sex workers, their workspaces, colleagues, and clients. This groundbreaking collection also offers nuanced interpretations of various forms of commercial sexual labour that foreground the personal perspectives of workers and activists. The contributors highlight sex workers’ struggles for civic and social inclusion by considering their tactics, successes, and challenges as they work collaboratively and build alliances with diverse social movements". The edited volume includes chapters by Steven Bittle (Associate Professor), as well as MA program alumni Menaka Raguparan (PhD Candidate, Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University) and Stacey Hannem (Associate Professor and Chair, Criminology, Wilfrid Laurier University).