Professor Bittle co-edits new book exploring the life and legacy of crimes of the powerful scholar Frank Pearce


Professor Steven Bittle (Associate Professor), along with Laureen Snider (Queen's University), Steve Tombs (Open University) and David Whyte (University of Liverpool) are co-editors of "Revisiting Crimes of the Powerful: Marxism, Crime and Deviance" (CRC Press, 2018). The book explores the contributions of Frank Pearce, "who was the first scholar to use the term 'crimes of the powerful.' His ground-breaking book of the same name provided insightful critiques of liberal orthodox criminology, particularly in relation to labelling theory and symbolic interactionism, while making important contributions to Marxist understandings of the complex relations between crime, law and the state in the reproduction of the capitalist social order. Historically, crimes of the powerful were largely neglected in crime and deviance studies, but there is now an important and growing body of work addressing this gap. This book brings together leading international scholars to discuss the legacy of Frank Pearce’s book and his work in this area, demonstrating the invaluable contributions a critical Marxist framework brings to studies of corporate and state crimes, nationally, internationally and on a global scale". Our own Jon Frauley (Associate Professor), who completed his doctoral studies under the supervision of Frank Pearce at Queen's University, was among the many scholars who contributed a chapter to the edited volume.