Featuring our post-doctoral researchers: Dr. Sachil Singh


Dr. Sachil Singh is a post-doctoral research fellow in our department working on the SSHRC-funded Big Data Surveillance Project with Professor Valerie Steeves. Sachil is extending his research interests on social classification and social (dis)advantage to examine how ‘big data’ shapes the definitions and operationalization of race/ethnicity in the searchable digital tools, known as Point of Care (PoC) tools, that are used by healthcare practitioners for patient diagnosis. PoC tools are digital resources that are typically used by physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare practitioners, at workstations and on smart phones, in order to effectively and efficiently find relevant information about medical conditions and medications, often during consultations with patients. 

The study is divided into two main parts.  The first part provides a content analysis of PoC tools to investigate causations and correlations between race/ethnicity and medical ailments.  The second part is an empirical contribution that draws on healthcare practitioners' experiences with, and perceptions of, PoC tools in three Ontario locations in order to investigate the extent to which uses of PoC tools inform patient diagnosis.