Jennifer Kilty and Charissa Crépeault contributed to a special issue of the CJLS

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Jennifer M. Kilty (Associate Professor) and her colleague Rebecca Bromwich co-edited a special issue of the Canadian Journal of Law & Society on law, vulnerability, and segregation after the death of Ashley Smith. PhD candidate Charissa Crépeault co-authored an article with Prof. Kilty in this issue. This co-authored piece "offers a narrative analysis of the two CBC Fifth Estate investigative documentaries about Ashley Smith (“Behind the Wall,” 2010; “Out of Control,” 2010) and juxtaposes the documentary narratives against claims made by feminist criminologists with respect to women’s corrections. Examining the coherent ‘through narrative’ that is constructed in each documentary, [the authors] claim that The Fifth Estate uses dominant medicalized conceptualizations of mental illness and mental health treatment to frame the Smith case, leaving questions about the gendered nature of her criminalization, imprisonment and mistreatment unasked. [This depiction of the case] reinforces the pathologization of women prisoners and upholds gendered stereotypes." (Adapted from the abstract)