Prashan Ranasinghe publishes a new book


Prashan Ranasinghe's new book is now available at the University of Toronto Press. The book, titled Helter-Shelter: Security, Legality and an Ethic of Care in an Emergency Shelter, is an ethnographic account of the manner in which an emergency shelter is governed on a daily basis, from the perspective of the personnel who are employed and tasked with providing care. In this book, Prof. Ranasinghe focuses on how the founding ethos of the shelter, an ethic of care, is conceptualized and practiced by examining its successes and failures. He reveals how this logic is diluted and adulterated because of two other important logics, security and legality, which, working alongside, take precedence and trump the import of care. The care that is deployed is heavily legalized and securitized and it is also administered inconsistently and idiosyncratically. As a result, disorder and confusion pervade the shelter. (Text adapted for UTP website)