Interview with Christine Gervais on her research and forthcoming book

In a Q&A for the Global Sisters Report, Christine Gervais discusses her research and forthcoming book, titled Beyond the Altar: Women Religious, Patriarchal Power, and the ChurchWhen asked during the interview why a criminologist would be interested in women religious, she mentions their role as chaplains in the criminal justice system, the way that "women religious continue to be 'deviantized' and disciplined by the church's clerical hierarchy", and the fact that criminology is much broader than what most people think. She states: "Criminology itself, and especially its critical variant, is an interdisciplinary domain in which human rights violations and harms of the powerful are now prioritized, particularly in my department at the University of Ottawa. Thus, the gender-based discrimination and victimization experienced by women religious within a context of institutionalized patriarchal oppression are relevant topics in critical and feminist criminology." 

Book Gervais 2018