Projet en vedette : Prévention et intervention / Featured project : Prevention and intervention

Les dates limites pour postuler aux programmes de doctorat (10 janvier) et de maîtrise (15 janvier) offerts par le département de criminologie à l'Université d'Ottawa approchent rapidement. Dans le mois suivant, vous trouverez quelques-uns des nombreux exemples de projet de recherche conduits par les professeurs dans chacun de nos dix champs de recherche. L'édition d'aujourd'hui expose le projet de Irvin Waller dans le champ de recherche «Prévention et intervention».

The application deadlines for the doctoral (January 10) and master’s programs (January 15) offered by the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa are rapidly approaching.  Over the next month you will find a few of the many examples of research projects being led by professors in each of our ten research fields. Today’s edition showcases a project by Irvin Waller, within the research field of “Prevention and Intervention”. 


Prevention and Intervention / Prévention et intervention

  • Crime Prevention: Harnessing Evidence to Shift Canadian Crime Policy from a Punishment to Prevention Agenda (Irvin Waller)

From 2015 to 2018, Irvin Waller is the lead for a partnership with the growing number of cities from coast to coast that form the Canadian Municipal Network for Crime Prevention to strengthen the capacity of municipalities to harness evidence for effective crime prevention. It builds on the work from 2006 to 2012 of the Institute for Prevention of Crime (IPC) at the University of Ottawa, which developed a cogent draft for a national crime prevention strategy, launched the Canadian Municipal Network for Crime Prevention, published 3 issues of a journal on crime prevention and helped several provinces develop evidence based strategies.  It is expected to lead to other projects related to Canadian and Provincial investments in evidence based prevention as alternatives to growth in policing costs and incarceration.   The CMNCP already offers research assistantships for those with an advanced knowledge of crime prevention, policing and Smarter Crime Control.    

Professor Irvin Waller is also participating in other research:

  • Harnessing Evidence for Smarter Crime Control in Latin America, China and USA. 
  • Services and Rights for Victimes of Crime: Implementing the Un General Assembly Resolution from 1985 Known as the Victim's Magna Carta.