Professor Christine Gervais co-authors a book chapter

Christine Gervais (Associate Professor) co-authored a chapter in Global Currents in Gender and Feminisms: Canadian and International Perspectives

The chapter is in part 1 of the book Movements, Spaces and Right and is entitled
"Countering Renewed Patriarchal Commitments in the Institutional Catholic Church: Feminist Perspectives among Women Religious in Canada".

This collection examines the ongoing shared struggles of diverse groups of women in Canada and beyond focusing on a diverse range of themes including movements, spaces and rights; inclusion, equity and policies; reproductive labour, work and economy; health, culture and violence; and sports and bodies. Situating Canada as a western society with avowed egalitarian ideals, and based on a ‘shared but different’ approach, this book highlights the intersectional dimensions of gendered lives and feminist actions for change in both western and non-western contexts.