Featured projects : Youth, age and (in)justice / Projets en vedette : Jeunesse, âge et (in)justice

Les dates limites pour postuler aux programmes de doctorat (10 janvier) et de maîtrise (15 janvier) offerts par le département de criminologie à l'Université d'Ottawa approchent rapidement. Entre le 1 et 10 janvier, vous trouverez quelque uns des nombreux exemples de projet de recherche conduits par les professeurs dans chacun de nos dix champs de recherche. L'édition d'aujourd'hui expose quelques projets dans le champ de recherche de «Jeunesse, âge et (in)justice».

The application deadlines for the doctoral (January 10) and master’s programs (January 15) offered by the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa are rapidly approaching.  From January 1 to 10 you will find a few of the many examples of research projects being led by professors in each of our ten research fields.  Today’s edition showcases a few projects within the research field of “Youth, age and (in)justice”.


Youth, Age and (In)justice / Jeunesse, âge et (in)justice

The eQuality Project is a SSHRC-funded partnership that examines the economic model behind e-commerce (i.e. disclosure of information in exchange for service) and maps the ways in which e-marketing analytics sort youth into categories that often reproduce real-world patterns of discrimination and set up young people for conflict. Working with partners in civil society, education and government, we use our data to create educational materials that will help young Canadians push back against online harassment, racism, homophobia and misogyny, and make the most of their digital media experiences.  The project also provides opportunities for students to intern at civil society organizations seeking to fight back against cyber-harassment as well as traditional research assistantships.