Prisoners' Justice Day 2016 in Ottawa


Unceded and Unsurrendered Algonquin Territory / Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

AUGUST 10th, 2016


1:00 PM

Peace Café, 25one community

251 Bank Street, second floor (accessible)

Former prisoners, their loved ones and supporters are invited to commemorate those who have died in state custody, as well as discuss state injustices experienced behind bars and their links to white-settler colonialism in Canada.  This private event will have no media present and participants are welcome to drop-in between 1pm and 3pm to share their stories and stand in solidarity with those currently in prison observing PJD with a day-long fast, work strike and other non-violent actions.   Participants are also invited to prepare posters and a banner for the two marches to follow, as well as write grievances and demands on large post-it notes that will be placed on the windows outside of Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) National Headquarters. 


3:00 PM

March to CSC National Headquarters

Starts at 251 Bank Street,  Ends at 340 Laurier Avenue West 

Upon arrival at CSC National Headquarters a speaker will read our collective grievances and demands, which will be posted on the windows outside of the building.  Following a moment of silence to commemorate deaths in custody, which disproportionately impact Indigenous and racialized peoples, we will have a closing speaker. Media will be invited to this portion of PJD.


4:00 PM

March to Parliament Hill

Starts at 340 Laurier Avenue West, Ends at Parliament Hill

Upon arrival on Parliament Hill, statements by current prisoners will be read.  Former prisoners and their loved ones will then speak, followed by their supporters.  Media will be invited to this portion of PJD. There is no end time currently scheduled for this event as it will come to a close once everyone who wishes to speak has said what needs to be said to the Canadian carceral state.




Phone: 613-741-1679       Email:

Water and juice will be provided at all PJD 2016 events to stand in solidarity with prisoners who fast on this day.  However, food will be available to participants with related dietary requirements.



Prisoners’ Justice Day (PJD) emerged as a prisoner-initiated day of non-violent strike action to commemorate the death of Eddie Nalon in the segregation unit of Millhaven maximum-security penitentiary on August 10th 1974.  It was first observed in 1975, and in 1976 the prisoners of Millhaven issued a communication calling for one-day hunger strikes in opposition to the use of solitary confinement and in support of prisoners’ rights, in memory of Eddie Nalon and Robert Landers, who also died alone in solitary confinement.  Since then, PJD has become an internationally-recognized day of solidarity and action, both inside and outside prison walls, to commemorate deaths in custody and to demand justice for the human rights atrocities that states and their officials authorize and engage in.