Justin Piché and his colleagues publish a new book chapter

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Justin Piché publishes a new book chapter titled "Carceral Tours and Missed Opportunities: Revisiting Conceptual, Ethical and Pedagogical Dilemmas" with Kevin Walby (University of Winnipeg) and Australian prisoner Craig Minogue. The chapter appears in Engaging with Ethics in International Criminological Research edited by Michael Adorjan (University of Calgary) and Rose Ricciardelli (Memorial University). In the piece, they identify the limits and ethical implications of using tours of operational prisons to expose students and researchers to the realities of imprisonment.  As an alternative to staged and sensational carceral tours that most often exclude the perspectives of prisoners, while also violating their privacy, the authors propose the privileging of prisoner ethnography, participating in volunteer and affinity groups in prisons, and inside-out courses as means to build ethical relationships with prisoners and connect theory to experiences of prison life and work.