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Bania, Melanie

Thesis Title: New Ways of Working? Crime Prevention and Community Safety Within Ottawa's Community Development Framework
Supervisor: Hastings, Ross
Where are they now? Community-based Research and Evaluation Consultant, Ottawa

Dej, Erin

Thesis Title: Seeking Inclusion in the 'Lanfd of the Broken Toys': Negotiating Mental Health Manegerialism Among Homeless Men and Women
Supervisors: Kilty, Jennifer & Sylvie Frigon
Where are they now? SSHRC Postdoctoral Fellow, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness

Delisle, Claire

Thesis Title: Leading to Peace: Prisoner Resistance and Leadership Development in the IRA and Sinn Fein
Supervisor: Gaucher, Robert
Where are they now? Part-time Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa

Ehret, Stephanie

Thesis Title: Justice for Women Who Experience Intimate Partner Violence: Reflections on Restorative Justice Ideals and Making Social Meanings
Supervisor: Johnson, Holly
Where are they now? Replacement Professor, Department of Criminology, Ryerson University

Fraser, Jennifer

Thesis Title: Claims-Making in Context: Forty Years of Canadian Feminist Activism on Violence Against Women
Supervisor: Johnson, Holly
Where are they now? Assistant Professor, Sociology, Bishop's University

Greco, Christopher

Thesis Title: Falling Back on the Concept of (Moral) Panic: Questioning Significance, Practicality, and Costs
Supervisor Corriveau, Patrice
Where are they now? Postdoctoral Fellow, International Centre for Comparative Criminology, Université de Montréal

Ilea, Adina

Thesis Title: Caught In the Spider's Web: Supervision and Control of Individuals Released After Serving a Federal Sentence for Sexual Offences Supervisors: Strimelle, Véronique; Kilty, Jennifer Maureen

Lachambre, Sébastien

Titre de thèse: La théorie de la dénonciation : émergence et institutionnalisation en droit criminel
Superviseurs: Pires, Alvaro P. & Jean-François Cauchie
Où est-il maintenant? Agent d'intervention, Centre d'aide aux victimes d'actes criminels – Outaouais

Latimer, Jeff

Thesis Title: Criminalizing Adolescence? Understanding Probation and Probation Violations in the Canadian Youth Criminal Justice System
Supervisor: Melchers, Ronald-Frans
Where are they now? Director General - Priority-Driven Research Branch, Canadian Institute of Health Research

Law, Tuulia

Thesis Title: Managing the ‘Party’: Third Parties and the Organization of Labour in Ontario Strip Clubs
Supervisor: Bruckert, Chris
Where are they now? Contractual Associate Professor, Department of Social Science (Criminology), York University

Marques, Olga

Thesis Title: Women's Use of Sexually Explicit Materials: Making Meaning, Negotiating Contradictions and Framing Resistance
Supervisor: Bruckert, Christine
Where are they now? Assistant Professor, Social Sciences and Humanities, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Monchalin, Lisa

Thesis Title: Reducing Crime Affecting Urban Aboriginal People: The Potential for Effective Solutions in Winnipeg
Supervisor: Waller, Irvin
Where are they now? Assistant Professor, Criminology, Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Raupp, Mariana

Titre de thèse : La réforme pénale de 1984 au Brésil: Pourquoi est-il si difficile de réduire le recours à l'incarcération?
Superviseurs: Dubé, Richard & Alvaro Pires
Où est-elle maintenant? Professeure adjointe, École de service social, Université Laval

Roebuck, Benjamin

Thesis Title: Exclusion and Resilience: Exploring the Decision-making Processes of Young People Who Are Homeless
Supervisor: Hastings, Ross
Where are they now? Program Coordinator, Victimology, Algonquin College

Shantz, Laura

Thesis Title: Negotiating the Margins: Aging, Women and Homelessness in Ottawa
Supervisor: Frigon, Sylvie
Where are they now? Part-time Professor, Criminology, University of Ottawa

Stewart, Shannon

Thesis Title: Mental Health Problems in Parole Decisions: The Re-conceptualization of Mental Health Problems as Risk Factors
Supervisor: Melchers, Ron
Where are they now? Board Member, Parole Board of Canada

Velloso, Joao

Thesis Title: Seeking Alternatives to Criminology: The Immigration and Refugee Board Practices on the Regulation of Immigration in Canada
Supervisor: Dos Santos, Daniel
Where are they now? Assistant Professor, Common Law, University of Ottawa

Xavier, José

Titre de la thèse : La réception de l’opinion publique par le système de droit criminel
Superviseur: Pires, Alvaro P.
Où sont-ils maintenant? Professeur adjoint, Faculté de Droit, Université fédérale de Rio de Janeiro