Events - Winter 2018 / Évènements - hiver 2018

Events - Fall 2017 / Évènements - automne 2017


December / Décembre 2017

November / Novembre 2017

October / Octobre 2017

September / Septembre 2017

Events - Spring-Summer 2017 / Évènements - printemps-été 2017

April /Avril 2017

March /Mars 2017

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January /Janvier 2017

  • Jan. 26: Big Data, Little Kids: Privacy, Digital Literacy & Networked Classrooms. Conference by Dr. Valerie Steeves - Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa, Professor Jane Bailey - Faculty of Law, University of Ottawa, Dr. Leslie Shade - Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. Video here.

Events - Fall 2016 / Évènements - automne 2016

December /Décembre 2016

November /Novembre 2016

  • Nov. 7-11: Criminology Week: Our Kind of Criminology - Semaine de criminologie: La criminologie à notre image.

  • Nov. 7: Adolescents Who Sexually Offend: Time to Shift our Understanding. Conference by Richard Voss.

  • Nov. 7: Taking Criminology Outside the Classroom: A Conversation with Howard Sapers. Conference by Howard Sapers, Correctional Investigator of Canada.

  • Nov. 8: La justice restauratrice: nouveau modèle de justice ou modalité de redéploiement de la pénalité. Conférence de Anne Lemonne.

  • Nov. 9: Foire de criminologie et vin et fromage / Criminology Fair and Wine and Cheese.

  • Nov. 10: « Ma vie en 2 sacs! », Témoignage d’une personne ayant vécu l’incarcération.

  • Nov. 10: Memorial Tribute to Ross Hastings / Hommage à Ross Hastings.

  • Nov. 11: Deconstructing Success: Talking with our Criminology Alumni / Saisir le succès: Parlons avec nos diplômés de criminologie.

  • Nov. 29: You Don’t Get to Tell Me Who I AM! Conference by Jennifer Kilty.

October /Octobre 2016

  • October 6: A Day's Work Documentary Film followed by a discussion the film maker, Dave DeSario (founding Member of the Alliance for the American Temporary Workforce), workers, and organizers about how we can win better conditions for temp agency workers. In the Alumni Auditorium, University of Ottawa.

September /Septembre 2016

Events - spring-summer 2016 / Évènements - printemps-été 2016

August /Août 2016

  • August 10: Ex-prisoners, activists and academic - including some from our Department - organized and attended Prisoners' Justice Day 2016 in Ottawa.

May /Mai 2016

Events – winter 2016 / Évènements – hiver 2016

April / Avril 2016

March / Mars 2016

  • Mar. 30: CYBERVIOLENCE: INTERROGATING “EMPOWERMENT” AND “SAFETY” Panel discussion taking place in FTX 351 from 11:30-1pm featuring Valerie Steeves.

  • Mar. 29: Learning Event: National and International Perspectives on the Prevention of Crime and Victimization [Read more]

  • Mar. 23: Innocence Ottawa would like to invite you to join us for our Third Annual Conference on March 23rd, 2016. [Read more]

  • Mar. 18: CRECS noon-hour Colloquium Neighborhood Safety and Public Health, Intervention Evaluations and New Directions : What shapes perceptions of neighborhood safety? How is feeling unsafe related to health? Can neighborhood interventions have a measurable impact on health? Published findings drawing on two Quebec, Canada, samples of youth and their parents will be discussed. Future directions for research, including new measurement approaches, will be addressed. 12:00 - 1:30pm (lunch will be served) 120 University, Room 5028 R.S.V.P. at

  • Mar. 7: Inscrivez-vous pour la conférence organisée par Dr Sylvie Frigon, la Chaire conjointe en études des femmes (Université d'Ottawa et l'Université Carleton), intitulée "Le théâtre en prison: une échappée belle hors les murs". L'événement aura lieu le mercredi 9 mars de 9h30 à 17h00 à la Faculté des sciences sociales (pièce 4007). / Register for a conference organized by Dr Sylvie Frigon, the Joint Chair in Women's Studies (University of Ottawa and Carleton University), entitled "Theatre in Prison: The Great Escape Beyond the Walls". The event will take place on Wednesday, March 9 from 9:30am to 5:00pm in the Faculty of Social Sciences (room 4007).

  • Mar. 1: Good luck to professor David Moffette for the upcoming Civil Unliberties: The Space Between Policing and Justice Inaugural B. Myron Rusk Annual Memorial Lecture for the Department of Sociology & Anthropology, Carleton University [Read more]