CRM 50: The Human Faces of National Insecurity


The goal of the panel is to take a critical look at how Muslim individuals have been treated in national security cases. This event will include individuals that have been directly impacted by national security policies, as well as organizations, researchers and lawyers that have been working to bring attention to the coercive effects of state policies on Muslim communities. A representative from the National Council of Canadian Muslims will talk about their concerns in how Muslim individuals have been treated in national security cases. Hassan Diab and Abdullah Almalki will talk about their own experiences and ordeal with national security policies. Subhah Wadhawan, MA student (Criminology, University of Ottawa) will talk about her research with security certificate detainees.

The panel will be moderated by Yavar Hameed (Hameed Law).

Thursday, September 27, 2018, 7pm-10pm, STM 224

Space is limited. Attendance will be restricted to 156 participants. Register early to avoid disappointment!

CRM 50 - Éléments pour repenser une reconstruction innovatrice du système de droit criminel


La Chaire de recherche du Canada en traditions juridiques et rationalité pénale propose un colloque dans le cadre des célébrations du 50e anniversaire du département.

Mercredi 26 septembre 2018, 13h00 à 17h00, FSS 4004

La réforme du droit criminel : une idée dont le temps est venu
Margarida Garcia, professeure au Département de criminologie et à la Section de droit civil de la Faculté de Droit; Vice-Doyenne à la recherche, Faculté de Droit.

Comment penser la prestation préventive du droit pénal face au terrorisme de manière ajustée aux droits de l’Homme ?

Coline Moreau, étudiante-chercheure invitée, Master en Droit, Université Catholique de Louvain

Repenser un obstacle majeur à la réforme du droit criminel : le cas de la théorie de la dissuasion
Sébastien Labonté, doctorant au Département de criminologie, Université d’Ottawa

Réflexions sur l’innovation pénale à partir de l’expérience de femmes condamnées à des peines de travail communautaire

Carmen Fullin, Ph. D. en Anthropologie à l’Université de São Paulo; stagiaire postdoctorale à la CRC en traditions juridiques et rationalité pénale, Université d’Ottawa

Les peines radicales et le principe de proportionnalité : où se trouve le « seuil du désastre » (disaster threshold) ?

Alvaro Pires, professeur au Département de criminologie et Chaire de recherche du Canada en traditions juridiques et rationalité pénale, Université d’Ottawa

Valerie Steeves to speak about social media at Queen's University on Tuesday


Interested in how social media use may be impacting your family? In Kingston this Tuesday?

Join Valerie Steeves (Full Professor) who if the director of the eQuality Project and her colleague Valerie Michaelson (Queen's University) as they explore how the rise of social networking has impacted:

·         interpersonal relationships

·         academic achievement

·         teen dating

·         bullying

You will also hear from a group of local teens who put away their smartphones for a week as part of the #DisconnectionChallenge. They will reflect on their time offline and how it helped them explore how technology was affecting their connection to themselves, to others, and to nature. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm,

Queen’s University, MACKINTOSH-CORRY HALL ROOM B201 

Réception - Au-delà de la salle de classe: comment nos diplômés contribuent au changement social / Reception - Beyond the classroom: How our graduates affect social change


Are you a graduate of the Department of Criminology?

Come celebrate the Department’s 50th anniversary during a reception for graduates.  Cocktails and appetizers will be served while you reconnect with former classmates and professors.  A panel will highlight the contributions of some of our graduates to social change.

Space is limited. Register early to avoid disappointment! Contact:

Tuesday Sept. 25, 4 to 7pm, FSS 4007

Vous êtes diplômés du Département de criminologie?

Venez célébrer le 50e anniversaire du département lors d’une réception pour les diplômés. Cocktails et amuse-gueules seront servis dans un atmosphère de retrouvailles avec vos anciens collègues de classe et professeurs. Un panel soulignera les contributions au changement social de nos diplômés.

Les places sont limitées. Inscrivez-vous tôt! Contactez:

Mardi 25 septembre, 16h à 19h, FSS 4007

CRM 50: Danse, corps et enfermement / Dance, Embodiment, Confinement


Dans cette presentation, professeure Sylvie Frigon et danseuse et chorégraphe Claire Jenny discuteront la pertinence de la danse en prison à la lumière des interventions de la compagnie de danse contemporaine, Point Virgule, à Paris. Claire Jenny proposera également un atelier de danse aux participants.

Professor Sylvie Frigon and dancer/choreographer Claire Jenny discuss the relevance of dance in prison through the work of Point Virgule, a contemporary dance company in Paris. Claire Jenny will also conduct a dance workshop with the participants.

En français: Jeudi 17 septembre 2018, 14:30 à 16:00, FSS 14001 (places limitées)

In English: Tuesday September 25, 2018, 2:30 to 4:00, SMD 429 (limited spaces)

For l’horaire de toute la semaine, cliquez ici. For the full week schedule, click here.

CRM 50: The Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis - Child Rights Implications


The presentation "The Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis - Child Rights Implications" by Mary Birdsell will explore the child rights implications of new federal and provincial legislation regulating the possession, production, and sale of cannabis. Under these changes, young people under 18 years of age face ongoing prohibition and unequal criminal liability.  While there is cause for concern regarding the possible health risks and detrimental effects on teenage neurology, the current criminal justice sanctions violate young people’s rights, and utterly fail to protect their health and well-being. 

A Q&A will follow this presentation on the new legal landscape regarding cannabis for young people, and the problems therein, from a rights-based legal perspective.

Tuesday, Sept. 25, 11:30-1pm, FTX 147 (limited space)

More info here.

CRM 50 & Shawn & Kush Singh Series: Talk by Ralph Nader


Corporate Crime, State Violence and Accountability in the Trump Era

(SOLD OUT, but check out the whole week schedule for more events)

Keynote speaker: Ralph Nader, consumer advocate, author and former U.S. presidential candidate

Ralph Nader is one of America’s most effective social critics. His analyses and advocacy have enhanced public awareness and increased government and corporate accountability. And his example has inspired a whole generation of consumer advocates, citizen activists, and public interest lawyers who, in turn, have established their own organizations throughout the country. 

Immediately following Ralph Nader’s presentation, a bilingual panel of experts from the Department of Criminology of the Faculty of Social Sciences’ will share their insights concerning the shifting political landscape and its impact on the patterns and regulation of corporate crime and state violence.


Steven Bittle, Associate Professor

Maritza Felices-Luna, Associate Professor

Date: Monday, September 24, 2018
Time: 6:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Location: Tabaret Hall, Huguette Labelle Hall (Room 112), 550 Cumberland, Ottawa

$10 – Alumni, Professors and Support Staff
  $5 – Students
$15 – General Public

CRM 50: Michael Kassa: A miscarriage of justice


Innocence Ottawa, a pro-bono, student-run innocence project based in the Department of Criminology at the University of Ottawa that helps the wrongly convicted apply for conviction review to the Minister of Justice, hosts a guest lecture on the wrongful conviction of Michael Kassa.  Members of Innocence Ottawa and Michael's family will discuss the details of his legal ordeal and the fight to clear his name. The event will be followed by a Q&A.

Monday, Sept. 24, 11:30- 1:00, STE A0150 (Space is limited)

More info here. For the whole week schedule, click here.

CRM 50: Sociotechnical Controversies in Criminology


What are the controversies surrounding the use of drones, big data, energy policy, hydraulic fracturing and the oil and gas industry more generally? These are the questions we put to specialists on these topics: respectively, they are Ciara Bracken-Roche (PostDoc), Sachil Singh (PostDoc), Marisa Beck (PostDoc), Laura Nourallah (Ph.D. candidate) and Rafael Aguirre (Ph.D. candidate).

Beyond the substantive information shared, this panel is also the occasion to discuss other important issues: how scholars approach complexity in their research both conceptually and methodologically; what is the importance of materiality for their studies; and how do scholars see their roles as producers of knowledge in domains riven by controversies.

The presentation by the panelists and following discussion will be in English but the audience is welcome to ask questions in French-the facilitator will translate the questions if needed.

Monday, Sept. 24, 8:30-11:30 FSS 14005 (limited spaces).

More info here. Check here for the whole week schedule.

Justin Piché publishes an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen examining the costs of the proposed new and bigger jail in Ottawa

Justin Piché (Associate Professor) has published an op-ed in the Ottawa Citizen examining the costs of the proposed new and bigger jail in Ottawa, which is slated to move forward under Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government. Professor Piché also calls upon the province to halt the plan and conduct robust consultations with the public to identify more effective and cheaper ways of improving community safety. Click here to read the op-ed.


To learn more about the costs of and alternatives to jail expansion, also check-out these posts on the uOttawa and Carleton University based Criminalization and Punishment Education Project’s (CPEP) blog:

’Small’ Government Under Premier Doug Ford’s Watch - A Few Numbers
99 Alternatives to Jail Expansion in Ottawa

Contact if you’re interested in getting involved in CPEP’s research and advocacy opposing the planned new and bigger jail in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Sylvie Frigon a collaboré avec le Royal New Zealand Ballet / Sylvie Frigon collaborated with the Royal New Zealand Ballet


Lors de son congé sabbatique en Nouvelle-Zélande, Sylvie Frigon (Professeure titulaire) a agi comme consultante pour le Royal New Zealand Ballet pour son programme de ballet en prison avec les femmes. Vous pouvez consulter son rapport ici.

During her sabbatical leave in New Zealand, Sylvie Frigon (Full Professor) acted as consultant for the Royal New Zealand Ballet for their ballet program with women in prison. You can read her report here.

Line Beauchesne publie un nouveau livre sur les drogues

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 4.01.17 PM.png

Line Beauchesne (Professeure titulaire) vient de publier un nouveau livre, intitulé Les drogues: Enjeux actuels et réflexions nouvelles sur leur régulation chez Bayard. Le livre s’intéresse, entre autres, à la nouvelle loi canadienne sur la légalisation du cannabis, aux stratégies de décriminalisation et de légalisation dans divers pays, et aux défis que représente le commerce de diverses drogues par le biais d’Internet. Selon l’éditeur, “Ce livre est un incontournable non seulement pour mieux comprendre les changements actuels sur les politiques en matière de drogues, mais également pour aider à réfléchir à de nouvelles manières d’aborder la question de leur régulation.”

Join the reading group of the Research Collective on Migration and Racism

Du Bois.jpg

Baljit Nagra (Assistant Professor) and David Moffette (Assistant Professor) are facilitating the reading group of the newly formed Collectif de recherche sur les migrations et le racisme - Research Collective on Migration and RacismThis fall, there will be three sessions organized around two books that have become classics in these fields: 

Sept. 18: W.E.B. Du Bois' The Souls of Black Folk (excerpts)
Oct. 16: W.I Thomas & F. Znaniecki's The Polish Peasant in Europe and America Vol. 5 (excerpts)
Nov. 13: W.I Thomas & F. Znaniecki's The Polish Peasant in Europe and America Vol. 5 (excerpts)

Details for the first meeting are available here. There are many chapters but it's less than 100 pages! Everyone welcome!

Join the reading group of the Carceral Studies Research Collective

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 3.06.54 PM.png

The Carceral Studies Research Collective is restarting its reading group for the fall and is welcoming all graduate students and faculty members. This year, the collective will read Jasbir K. Puar's new book The Right to Maim: Debility - Capacity - DisabilityThe first meeting on Sept. 19 will start with the preface, introduction and chapter 1.

19 sept : 14 :30-15 :30 (FSS 14005)
17 oct : 14 :30-15 :30 (FSS 14005)
21 nov : 14 :30-15 :30 (FSS 14005)

the book is in English but the event is bilingual. For more information, contact Dominique Robert at 

The report of the "Drugs, Violence and Rock and Roll" workshop is out

On August 16, 2018, Irvin Waller (Professor Emeritus) and Audrey Monette (MA Student) hosted the Drugs, Violence and Rock and Roll Workshop. The discussion focused on shifting Canada – sustainably – from a punishment to a prevention agenda. Workshop participants included three generations of academics, public servants, graduate students, members of community organizations, and crime prevention experts from the United Kingdom and the United States.

A short report providing workshop highlights is now available here.